I love it!"

Imani Williams, Youtube Health/Beauty Blogger

whats so good about the satin lining?

Our best-selling satin lined hat reduces the friction that adds to frizziness, split-ends, and breakage while you sleep or for "bad hair days." Our satin lining is also great for maintaining moisture in your tresses for all hair types from short to long, fine or course and everything in between! Plus, they're great for the entire family! 

Hats can be harsh and drying on the hair if they have no satin or silk lining to keep moisture in our hair strands. Cotton and wool products take away the moisture from our hair while satin aids in keeping the moisture in. Therefore, you can still look “winter-appropriate” while keeping your hair protected. 

Unorthodox Roots is a Black Woman Veteran Owned Business.

Unorthodox Roots is a Black Woman Veteran Owned Business