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What happens when you’re trying to maintain healthy hair while working, traveling, in the military, full-time student, and parenting (whew, that was a mouthful) and realize that although your hair is growing, it’s breaking just as fast as it grows?

One of the things I discovered was my cotton pillowcases and cheap bonnets were damaging my natural hair right before my eyes. How? Glad you asked.

Although the cotton is smooth, it soaks up all the moisture, or for some little bit of moisture, in your hair causing frizz, dryness, and the dreaded breakage.

Then one day I had an a-ha! moment.

When I was learning to sew I started with just making pillowcases for my pillows made out of just satin. I had satin everywhere! So much so that Eli has to have something satin on his skin to go to sleep; usually its one of my hats, pillowcases, or scarves. Then I said goodbye to my Walmart bonnets and hello to satin pillowcases. While traveling I realized that I don’t necessarily think to pack a pillowcase, I mean after all is a pillowcase on your packing list? And along came the satin lined hat.

 After testing out various styles, we settled on satin-lined hats made with fashionable materials that tackles frizz, moisture retention and breakage. Now because I’m not just the Unorthodox Roots founder, but also a client … you can trust you’re getting products that are “curly, kinky and coily-hair approved.”

So, if you’ve been silently suffering from the frizzy, dry and damaged hair blues, we invite you to join women around the world, with all different hair textures, who are using our products to keep their hair healthy. You see whether you’re sleeping or hanging with friends, we’ve got you and your hair stylishly covered! 


We support our troops offering shipping to all military bases including overseas!

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